“The night our stars aligned and our souls became one”

How Did We Meet?

By the Groom:

Ariel and I meet at time when I was just looking for someone I could talk to on an intellectual level, more friends than anything else I wasn’t really looking to get into a relationship. I am an intellectual and also a loner, partly because it’s hard for me to find people I can relate to and that are as goal oriented as I am. I had decided to give online dating a try and that’s where I came across Ariel. From her pictures since instantly caught my interest, physically she was everything I look for. I reached out to her and started having these online conversations that would last all day and we worked our way to talking on the phone. Ariel was a very welcomed sight for sore eyes, she was as beautiful as she was intelligent, she could keep a conversation, she was talented, had a career, educated, we shared similar values and she challenged me on an intellectual level. With every passing day I long to see her more and more but unfortunately her schedule would never clear up. Then one day out of nowhere she told me she was free! I dropped everything I was doing a set up a date. I she agreed and picked Panera Bread as the location, which caught me off caught me off guard because here was this amazing lady with everything to offer and she wanted to go a date to a place like Panera bread. As the gentleman I am, I decided to go pick her up from her house and we went on the cheapest date I have ever been on. $17.34!!! Ariel was everything and more than what I had expected and from that day on we have been inseparable.