The Gardens

“Virginia is for Lovers”

“I told her I loved her three days later.”

By the Bride:

Morry and I had our first date on October 31st 2015 at Panera bread. We actually met online, although he might tell you a different story. We had a few conversations over the phone, but he was so soft spoken I could barely ever hear him and his accent seemed strong at the time (now I can’t even hear it), so I wasn’t in a rush to meet face to face. A weird turn of events freed up my schedule, and I asked him if he wanted to grab lunch. He said sure, let’s go to Panera Bread. So I got dressed and drove to Panera bread in West Orange NJ, close to where he said he lived. When I called him, he asked me for my address, so that he could pick me up. I told him that I was already at Panera bread, but he was insistent that he should be picking me up and taking home afterward. I was a little creeped out at first, but I let him be the gentlemen he always has been. When he got to my house, I thought he was very handsome, and very quiet, and I was extremely nervous; so much so that I dropped my purse several times and fell into the car both on the way there, and coming back. There was an instant connection. After lunch we texted for the remaining on the night, and couldn’t wait to meet again. It was the cheapest, sweetest, and most genuine date I have ever been on.